Makeup over 50 – beauty tips, secrets and tutorials.

Why should older women wear makeup? Getting older doesn’t mean you have to start struggling with your makeup. Yeah, I know, it was pretty easy up until now and though it might be a bit frustrating in the beginning, makeup over 50 is your new friend and can work even better when you grow older. […]

Best under eye concealer for bags

Makeup is an art form that has been around for decades. It becomes super challenging when you’ve passed your 50’s and especially the under eye area which insists to give away your real age.Luckily under eye concealer for bags for older women exists and actually, the entire beauty industry has become far more extensive and […]

Best skin care for aging skin

So many elderly women are looking for the best skin care for aging skin. this subject isn’t covered as it should be. As a skincare enthusiast, I have always believed in taking care of my skin. Despite that, as we surpass the age of 50, our skin goes through various changes and, it is vital […]

Best moisturizer for aging skin

TL;DR – If you’re not into reading so much, just scroll down to find out review for the best moisturizer for aging skin. Everybody wants their skin to look hydrated and healthy, However, we all know that our skin loses all that glow and freshness with age. Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on our […]

Makeup for Mature Skin (For women over 60)

makeup for mature skin

Makeup For Mature Women skin (over 60) Guide Are you concerned about your aging skin, wrinkles, and dullness?Are you looking for some best ways to achieve a flawless look? You’re on the right place. This little make up for mature women guide will give you some great practical tips to instantly improve your look. As […]

14 Easy Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

The following post – beauty tips for women over 50 is for you: any woman above the age of 50. Makeup for elderly ladies is an important subject which is very low on good information, which is exactly why we made this tutorial. Simply follow the tips below to become good at looking good while […]

Makeup tutorial for older women

A GUIDE TO FLAWLESS MAKEUP FOR AGED SKIN Makeup tutorial for older women. People had the need to look good since early times.Now days – “the way we look” is an entire, billion dollars industry.They say “Age is just a number” but that’s not right in every aspect. As you grow old, your body starts […]

Best makeup for older women

This recommendations post (which covers the best makeup for older women) could have been much harder if we were talking about young women. Ironically – Most of the makeup products are for young skin. It’s ironic because old skin would require more “making up” right? And it’s very frustrating for older women – the stuff […]