Best makeup for older women

Best makeup for older women

This recommendations post (which covers the best makeup for older women) could have been much harder if we were talking about young women.

Ironically – Most of the makeup products are for young skin. It’s ironic because old skin would require more “making up” right?

And it’s very frustrating for older women – the stuff that used to work, is now starting to give mediocre results…

Fortunately for us, there aren’t so many good alternatives for the old type of skin so here are some highlights:

  1. If you haven’t read our tutorial – it will take you through the basic skills and products – makeup tutorial for over 50
  2. Once you’ve gotten it, (and it’s not a rocket science, let’s face it) enhance your skills with out best tips and life hacks – here’s our makeup tips for older women with links and pictures of the best products in the market.
  3. Perhaps the most important thing about makeup for elder skin is the foundation. Here’s our recommendation for the best foundation for aging skin over 50 (and 60)
  4. There’s also our makeup over 50 discussion – why should older women wear makeup

Having recommended all that, the best makeup for older women is not only in the products, it’s in the order of things, in the regularity of things (how often do you make up and remove your makeup a day)?


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